Simon Winnall

Process Talks

Tell us a little how you became a photographer, Simon? 


“My mum is a really good wildlife photographer. I have fond childhood memories of sitting at the back of the room when she gave presentations, seeing the Kodachrome slides projected through the darkness, hearing the click of the carousel turning on the projectors. I went to art college to study graphic design but changed to the photography course as it looked more fun! After college, I worked as a designer for 5 years, before starting my own little design business and slowly transitioned to shooting for my own clients.”



Your style has developed hugely over the last 8 years of being with Process, what do you attribute this to, and how have you gone about implementing these changes in your work? 


"I think it's natural for your style to develop over time. Once I started to travel with commissioned work, that really opened up new locations for me to shoot personal work after the job had wrapped. I’ve always found exploring a new country and meeting new people can be an inspiration to make work."



You’ve embraced the developments in the industry and really extended your skills to making moving image, what are your next plans with this? 


"I really enjoy shooting film, it's become such a regular requirement on commissions now. We’ve luckily been able to continue working on the post-production for four new films whilst in lockdown. Working with editors, sound designers, colourists - we've all able to work remotely from our homes".



Who are your influences in the photographic world, whose work really inspires you?


"I like photographers with beautiful colour in their work. William Eggleston, Philip-Lorca diCorcia & Christopher Anderson make some wonderful images".



You’ve travelled extensively, do you have any favourite places to shoot or stand out experiences shooting abroad?


"It might be a photographic cliche, but California has such beautiful landscapes & light. It's always a joy to shoot there. I also had the pleasure of travelling to Seoul and Tokyo for a job recently, wonderful cities to experience for the first time".



We know you’re a keen runner, you can rock climb and have a taste for fine wine, but tell us one thing we don’t know about you? 


"I’ve grown a terrible moustache whilst in lockdown! It won’t last…"



You're fortunate to be represented on both sides of the pond, how does the shoot culture differ between the UK and the states? 


"I’ve always found production to be a very similar process anywhere in the world. There are very talented people working in the States as well as here. There are less worried conversations about the weather in America."



Dream commissions? Who would you love to shoot with when the lockdown fully lifts, and we’re back in the game? (well, the new normal) 


"I’ve been putting a lot of effort into shooting new sports work over the last few years. So a lovely commission for one of the big sports brands would be perfect"



What advice would you give to young photographers starting in the industry? 


"Keep shooting personal work. It really is the best way to develop and define your style, whilst always having fresh work to share with clients."




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