Nicky Hamilton

The Upside Down

With the arrival of lockdown came a world of uncertainty. Isolated indoors - with our lives and livelihoods on hold - the passing weeks provided Nicky with an opportunity for creative exploration, shooting a project based around his young family, and their experience of the lockdown.



'The Upside Down' is a surreal look at the mental state of my family in lockdown during the Covid-19 pandemic. After just a few weeks in my 8-year-old son William, found it difficult to sleep alone, worrying that the world was going to end. Without the daily routine of school, friends, and fun, my hormonal teenager became frustrated and angry at us all, missing his girlfriend, playing football, and even ‘real’ schoolwork. The sudden change in them both made me see their world in an entirely new light, a world portrayed in this ongoing series 'The Upside Down.'



Click here for Nicky's beautifully captured short film 'Fourteen' part of the 'The Upside Down' project. 




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