Katinka Herbert

The Movers

Under the communist regime of the government, many young Cubans dream of a better life. For years, the citizens of Cuba lived without the ability to travel freely. Without obtaining official permission to travel, Cubans wishing to leave the island were often denied and their mobility restricted.

Today, with significant travel reforms in place, Cuba still remains a state-controlled economy, and many young people long for a way out. With limited prospects, their lives are often restricted to the sandy shores of the Caribbean island, and their chances of mobility end where the warm waves meet the beach. 


In a fascinating story of ambition, strength and resilience, the ‘Movers’ project shines a light on the country’s top young athletes and performers. The striking series brings focus to the struggles surrounding the complicated history of free movement for Cubans – a dilemma captured through Katinka’s lens. In each case, her subject is frozen, motionless on the page. Each static body resonates with ambition and potential. For these talented athletes, their bodies are a means of escape – a potential ticket to freedom and a better life.


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